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Firefighters fought a blaze on Myrick Street in Allston. (Boston Fire Department)

A four-alarm fire was the result at a 2 1/2 family home on Myrick St. in Lower Allston. With everyone shuffling for September 1st move-ins it is important to ensure all smoke detectors in your new place work. Luckily everyone living in this home, 11 people students and young professionals, made it out unscathed. The blaze began just after midnight on the 31st of August and continued to the early morning. Firefighters estimated damages to be in excess of 1 million - a total loss.

This time is often one marked by transition with people returning to school or starting new jobs; something like this makes it only more difficult. With that being said we at Prestige Rental Solutions are willing to waive any rental-fee for the tenants of the affected building. Feel free to call our office with any inquiries, we would love to help.

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Main Office

How much does $1,500 get you?

In Boston unfortunately not much! Being such a majestic city it is no wonder why we are the third most costly city in the country, only behind San Francisco and New York City. However, there are so many good reasons to live and work in Boston that the price can be worth it.

How are you to make sure you're getting a good deal in Boston? Renting in Boston comes with numerous variables. Below are a few tips on how you can better prepare for your apartment hunt!

1. What is most important to you? Parking, location, cost?

Everyone looking for a new place should have 3-5 things, in order of importance, that they will use as their guide. This will help you, and your agent, in making sure that you only see that which fits your criteria!

2. Start looking early!

Much of Boston runs on a September 1st renting cycle, so what does this mean? This means that if you're renting for September there are going to be some very good, and competitive deals, but those particular apartments are, naturally, the first one's taken. If you're looking for a time other than September 1st then the selection won't be as large, but because of a decreased demand, you may be able to find a good value by looking sooner rather than later.

3. Find an agency with quality listings, and an agent who cares about you!

Many of the apartments (and houses) in Boston are rented solely through rental agents. There are pros and cons to this in any market but with so much of the Boston market using rental agents it is almost always in your best bet to find a quality agency and a quality agent. The best agencies will have a TON of listings, and more importantly, they will have a lot of no-fee listings (more on this in a bit!) A good agent is always willing to take their time in finding you your perfect place, and helping to answer any questions along the way.

With September nearing there is still a lot of shuffle in the city! Call us today 617-APT-4-YOU – We at Prestige Rental Solutions have decades of experience and expertise among our brokers and agents! We also have a HUGE inventory of no-fee apartments in Boston, meaning we help find you the best place and the landlord pay us for helping YOU! We are also running a special $250 cash back deal on many of our no-fee listings. If you're interested in any of this or would simply like to talk give us a call or come into one of our offices today. We look forward to helping you find your perfect place.

The Prestige Team

Allston Office – 1292 Commonwealth Ave. Allston, MA 02134

Jamaica Plain Office – 75 S. Huntington Ave. Jamaica Plain 02130

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Apartment Rental Agency Seeks Part-Time Office Administrator with Strong IT/Computer Background/Skills

This is a permanent position at 3 days per week (~24 hours per week)

Candidate MUST have strong computer/software & organizational skill set. The following skillset is REQUIRED to do this job:

  1. ATTENTION TO DETAIL is the #1 requirement for this position
  2. Experience in General I.T. (Computers/Antivirus/Network/Printer maintenance and user administration)
  3. Experience with Web-Based applications/databases and a good working knowledge of search/edit functionality and data management.
  4. Microsoft Office (Especially Excel and Word)
  5. General Book-Keeping (Quickbooks)
  6. Adobe Acrobat
  7. Must be comfortable with administration of user accounts in various online and local systems.
  8. Good communication/business writing skills and ability to work well with others in a helpdesk-type role.
  9. Meticulous record-keeping is a must as well.

You will be responsible for many aspects of our busy apartment rental office. Document management, general IT services, typing/generating leases, general book-keeping, creating ad flyers, making edits to our web-site with a content management system similar to Wordpress or Drupal and various other tasks to support our business and leasing consultants/rental agents.

You will be trained and have ongoing support from the person you are replacing, who will remain employed by our company in diminished capacity as they are moving on to a Full-Time position in another business unrelated to our apartment rental agency.

Interested candidates email resume and cover letter to

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I spent much of the long weekend scouring the internet for apartments suitable for the fiance and myself. I also spent much of the long weekend being told by rental brokers that, for various reasons, what we want is going to be increasingly hard to find.

That's a tough truth in Boston these days, especially as we approach the much-maligned September 1 move-in date. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Inventory is tight and demand is high -- if you're going to land the spot you want, you might have to bite the bullet and relinquish control to one of our city's many rental brokers.

Yes, this is more expensive than finding a no-fee place or taking over the lease of a friend. But assuming those aren't options (and that's really needle-in-the-haystack thinking), there's a lot to like about teaming up with a professional.

You'll pay said broker (sometimes handsomely) for the privilege, but you could very well end up in a far better apartment as a result than had you gone it alone.

To give us some perspective, Boston apartment listing site RentHop offers five reasons why rental brokers aren't a dying breed, but a modern day necessity.

1.)  Your time and happiness is worth the fee

You can in theory find an apartment on your own. However, you'll be the one running around the city, playing phone tag while coordinating appointments, tracking down the supers for keys, and then putting together a rental application. Once you've gone through all the work finding a place you like, you'll need to negotiate the rent, security deposit, and any other lease terms.

The dirty secret is, brokers preview dozens of apartments every week, and only bother showing clients the absolute top handful of apartments. If you were to look on your own, scheduling appointments successfully is a huge time sink, and the vast majority of inventory is a total waste of your time to see.

2.)  Competition is fierce

These days a decent apartment will receive multiple applications. All else being equal, the landlord prefers a renter who comes through a trusted broker. In fact, most landlords prefer clients who come through brokers.  The landlord doesn't need to do as much of the paperwork and screening, and they know the client is much more likely to close on the deal, thanks to the broker's hand-holding.  Also, if the client is paying a fee, that signals to the landlord a more sound financial situation.

3.)  Great deals are truly hard to find

Most renters spend a few weekends a year looking for apartments. A professional broker is in the trenches, every day, all year long.  Who is going to be knowledgeable about the markets and be aware of the best deals in town?  Often times a broker develops personal relationships with the landlord ... A trusted broker may learn about upcoming available apartments before they are officially listed, and have the keys to the building in order to show it.

4.)  More inventory is going exclusive

Nowadays, a lot of landlords don't even want to manage the tenant-finding process. They contract out the showings exclusively to a rental broker who will charge a fee even if you show up without a broker.

5.)  Many landlords are still low tech

There is no universal database of rental listings in any city. Even in 2013, the industry still relies on spreadsheets and faxes to transmit listings to brokers and listing directories. Most brokers have a dedicated listings team that combines and keeps up-to-date all of the frequent updates from hundreds or thousands of landlords.


Don't throw in the towel just yet. There are great apartments to be had in neighborhoods all over Boston. It's finding them that's the trick. With some time and patience, you can do this on your own. But interestingly enough, that also happens to be a broker's job.


How will you find your next Boston apartment?

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Prestige Rental Solutions is proud to announce the GRAND OPENING of our new SECOND LOCATION in time for the 2014 rental season!

We've selected a fantastic South Huntington Avenue, Jamaica Plain building and converted a simple one bedroom apartment into our fabulous two-level rental office complete with a multimedia presentation friendly conference room and cozy "client lounge" for our customers to complete their paperwork in.

Our new office "Prestige-South" is located at 75 South Huntington Avenue, Suite 1, Jamaica Plain and can be easily accessed using the MBTA Green-Line E Train to the Heath Street stop.

Come visit our friendly, helpful and expert staff at the Prestige Rental Solutions- South office and let them navigate the rental process for you!  Act now because the apartment rental season is in full swing! Don't be left behind!

Photos of our new location:

Prestige South




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First, we have to know the meaning of the CAPITALIZED word.  Webster's Dictionary defines luxury as material object, service, etc., conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity. To simplify, a luxury apartment would have a kitchen and bathroom that is of a higher quality than most houses. It is easy and simple to rent a basic apartment in Boston.  However, in order to find and rent a luxury apartment, one must obtain the help of the rental leaders at a prestige apartment rental agency.

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*NO FEE APARTMENTS: As you know the Boston rental/housing market can be very competitive. Prestige Rental Solutions strives to be the most successful real estate office in Boston and the surrounding areas.
*Many of our listings feature "NO RENTAL FEE" and our inventory changes daily. It is our passion to to build and maintain solid, long-lasting relationships with our landlords, property managers and most importantly our clients.
For the past 25 years and even in today's market we have built and established a rapport with our landlords that pay us the rental fee so we don't have to charge our customers.
-This translates into savings of up to one months rent!!!!- Service You Deserve. - People You Trust.

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